Tenant Fees –

Admin - £350.00
Referencing tenants (Identity, Immigration & visa confirmation, financial credit checks, obtaining references from current/previous employers & landlords and any other relevant information to assess rent affordability.

Guarantor - £100.00
Covering credit referencing, preparing a Deed Of Guarantee as part of the tenancy agreement.

Tenancy Renewal - £50.00
Contract negotiation, amending, updating terms & arranging a further tenancy agreement.

Inventory Cost – Check In/Check Out –
Landlord and tenant will be liable of 50% cost if a inventory clerk is appointed for a check in and check out report.

Letters To Write for correspondance - £75.00 Charge

Tenant Penalties -

If a tenant refuses to move into a property for personal/business or fianancial reasons the adminstration cost payed intially by the tenant will be forfeited.

Credit Check or References where to fail the tenancy will not proceed and due to the tenants bad credit / referances thier adminstration cost will not be refunded.

Tenants currently in a Assure Short Hold Tenancy Agreement or periodic tenancy decide to move out earlier then the Tenancy Expiration Date or not giving the correct notice period as per the contract will loose their deposit given prior to moving into the property.

Rent Arrears or late payment of rent will incur a Interest Charge 4% At Inflation Rate of Barclays Bank Plc. If arrears are of one month or greater the tenants will not recieve their deposit.

Damages To Premises Let after the expiry of the tenancy agreement or notice provided by the tenant/landlord, based on the inventory if their is any discripency in the furnishings/ decor/appliances or outdoor gardens depending on the cost of the repairs cost will be incurred via the lead tenant deposit.

Notices are served from the agents/landlord or police and the tenants still fail to obide by the law the contract will be terminated giving tenants 2 weeks to vacate and deposit will not be refunded.